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Get Your First Class Free!

We offer first online class for free! Tai Chi Programs are excluded.

Online Qigong class

We offer Qigong online classes. The class is approximately 45 minutes. In person Tai Chi and Qigong programs have different pricing, email us to learn more.


seniors $8

Private Class

Private virtual or in person Qigong, Tai Chi or Breathwork Coaching classes are available. Private class is approximately 30 minutes.


Corporate Classes

The classes for corporate bussinesses or retirement communities are approximately 30-45 minutes long, virtual or in person.


Buy a Package

Buy a package and save! Packages are offered for onile group classes and energy healing sessions. In person Tai Chi and Qigong programs are excluded.

10 group classes  $85

10 senior classes  $65

5 Energy Healing sessions /recommended/  $300

Medical Qigong Therapy and Energy Healing Sessions

We offer unique Energy Healing Sessions, using Medical Qigong Therapy, Reiki, Bioenergy Healing, Pranic Healing or chakra balancing and combine it with gentle but very powerful Acupressure or Tuning Forks Therapy, depending on client’s needs. The sessions are approximately 60 minutes, initial session might take longer, up to 90 minutes. Price: Initial session $95, regular session $75.