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Zuzana is amazing! I always look forward to my time to do Qi Gong. It is a very relaxing and positive experience. It helps calm my thoughts and body and I always feel better. Zuzana is very knowledgable and patient and truly cares. I highly recommend.

Michelle, private online Qigong class

Zuzana helped me heal and recover from a serious traumatic brain injury with a series of energy healing sessions.
I’ve also taken her Tai Chi classes, as it was recommended by my doctor. She is a very calm, and patient teacher. Helping her students gives her a lot of joy. It is apparent that she is passionate about Tai Chi and Qigong, always striving to expand her knowledge even more. I would definitely recommend her classes and energy healing sessions.

Sylwia, Energy Healing and Acupressure sessions and Tai Chi student

Zuzana has been an incredible source of wisdom and healing for me. She is devoted to learning and growing and teaching others how to connect with our bodies nourishingly. Through her sessions, I have noticed that my palpitations are less frequent and intense. I am also experiencing better digestion and a more conscious way of choosing what I eat. Zuzana is a beautiful and dedicated person who has made a difference in my life. Zuzana – you are a GIFT!

Clara Lucia, Energy Healing Sessions and Acupressure

I have been suffering from migraines from 5 years and tried different medicines and treatment. I felt that everytime the breaks in between one and the next one was less and less. So medicine was a daily thing for me. I started reading about other options until I came across of the Qigong Energy Healing, Medical Qigong Therapy and Acupressure so I decided to give it a try. Zuzana welcomed me and talked to me very patiently. She actually took the time to see what my issues were. I had the Therapy. The day after, I joined one of her lovely classes.
She actually told me that everything is a process and we talked about few other thing that will help to improve and gave me some pressure points that would help as soon as I feel my pain is coming. I will continue my sessions with Zuzana because, I have seen results since the first time. The time and the energy that she invest in to you is also unique. Thanks Zuzane for listening and for helping me to manage my pain 💕

Angie, Energy Healing and Acupressure

I look forward to Zuzana’s TaiChi class each week. She teaches each section slowly with several repetitions. It’s a very easy going class, without pressure. Every class starts off with a different QiGong practice. A very enjoyable class.

Jan, Tai Chi Student

Love Zuzana’s Tai Chi Classes and Qi Gong meditation. Extremely patient, she explains moves in a way that are easy to understand. On top of it she really cares foe her students and supplements sessions with personal healing by appointments. Definitely recommend!

Anu, Tai Chi Student and Medical Qigong Therapy

This Tai Chi class with Zuzana is awesome. She is very very patient. I have been taking classes for about 1 year and I will be continue taking this class with her. I really recommend this class.

Patricia, Tai Chi and Qigong Student

4 months ago
This is an enjoyable Monday night meditation experience. Recommended to all who are interested in Chinese Meditation. Zuzana makes every class fantastic and I hope it continues for a long time.
Bradley, Online Qigong Student