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Ozone Therapy

We offer affordable ozone therapy kits and ozone refills for self administered ear, rectal and vaginal insufflations. This is great option for anyone who is familiar with ozone insufflations and lives close to our location.

Ozone Therapy Benefits and Uses

Ozone has medical use to safely help with a variety of health concerns. It’s a great treatment that can be used for chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease, mold exposure, autoimmune disease, and more. Some of the health benefits of regular ozone therapy includes:

  • Improved Immune System

Ozone therapy can improve your immune system to fight off infection. Ozone can boost your immune system to reduce inflammation.

  • Antibacterial, Antifungal, And Antiviral Abilities

Ozone therapy may help to fight viral, bacterial and yeast infections.

  •  Helps the Body Detox

Ozone has shown to speed up metabolism and improve overall health.

  •  Heals Chronic Wounds

Ozone Therapy has effectively been used on diabetic patients to help ulcers that have developed on their feet.

  •  Cell Oxygenation

Ozone therapy instantly increases the oxygen levels in the red blood cells. They will then transfer this extra oxygen to all of the other cells and tissues in the body. Once this happens, you will notice a vast improvement in your energy levels throughout the day.

  •  Repaired Stem Cells

Recent evidence shows that Ozone Therapy can improve a cell’s ability to reactivate, which leads to quicker and better repair to broken cells.

Rectal Ozone Therapy

The use of ozone therapy in clinical settings is becoming increasingly widespread due to its clear benefits and its rectal application not only promotes better health for your intestine but is also safe and with almost no adverse effects.

Ozone therapy, especially rectal insufflation treatments, is highly beneficial. The flow of ozone gas applied to the gut is converted into oxygen, eliminates free radicals and is enormously effective against pathogenic microbes, promoting a healthy microbiota that thrives in an oxygen-rich environment.

Decreases toxins and boosts the immune system

Like other forms of ozone therapy, rectal insufflation has been shown to be a valuable addition to clinical practice by treating the root of the problem, providing complete relief rather than temporary relief from symptoms.

Rectal insufflation is a safe and effective treatment that offers many health benefits. Some of the most important are:

  • It decreases toxins that may exist in the intestine.
  • It strengthens the immune system and the response to external aggressions.
  • It eliminates bacteria, parasites, viruses and yeasts.
  • It restores intestinal functions, restoring them to an optimal state.
  • It reduces chronic inflammation throughout the body.

Rectal insufflation is a greatly beneficial form of ozone therapy for those suffering from pathologies related to the intestine, colon or liver. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other ozone therapies. It has 95% systematic effect and is also applied as an alternative to i.v. ozone therapy when the latter is difficult to perform.

Ozone kits and refills for rectal, vaginal and ear insufflations

Ozone therapy needs to be done regularly few times per week for several months. Unfortunately, many people end up ozone therapy early because of lack of finances. We offer affordable ozone therapy kits and ozone refills for self-administered ear, rectal and vaginal insufflations. This is great option for anyone who is familiar with ozone insufflations and lives close to our location.

We offer ozone insufflation kit /multi-chamber ozone bag, catheter, syringe/ for purchase, or bring your own. We will refill your ozone bag with medical grade ozone that you would take with you and use on your own in privacy of your home.

Ear Ozone Insufflations

Ozone ear insufflation is said to be useful for ear infections, sinus infections, throat infections mold toxicity, brain related issues,  Lyme disease, and more

Vaginal Ozone Insufflations

Some people claim vaginal insufflation is a systemic therapy.  Although there isn’t scientific evidence to back this claim, it is commonly used for vaginitis, yeast infections, and other issues in reprductive system.

Rectal Ozone Insufflations

Rectal insufflation is the most valuable ozone treatement. It provides a systemic treatment – your WHOLE body benefits from it!  This is similar to the IV (blood) treatments with ozone. It can be done at home and it’s very affordable.